Happy Halloween!

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Whether in words or in visuals, many of our favorite Halloween horror tales begin with some variation of Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s often mocked and parodied phrase. But that’s precisely what makes my area’s “warmer than usual but stormy as hell” Trick-Or-Treat weather forecast so “horribly” appropriate – unless, of course, you’re among all those parents and kids who’re gonna be stuck out there in it! 😯 At any rate, I’ve put together this “small” collection of images and music videos as my way of wishing you all a very happy and safe Halloween. 😀

Except for the third, the music videos are only intended as “background ambiance” as you view the images…

RoboCop Bliss!

Although the sequels left something to be desired, I just loved the original RoboCop movie. I was fully reminded of of that love over the weekend by the RoboCop marathon bliss for Rincewind on the Erotixx blog. With this awesome RoboCop Cosplay costume… These wild images… And cool “behind the production” details, my friend clearly got as big a kick out of that movie as I did.

Your Hump Day Nightmare…

Despite all its beauty, the change of seasons is not without its drawbacks as well – particularly for us “aging” folks with arthritis. In addition to the usual pains in my neck, shoulders and back, I’ve been living for the last month or so with a pain that feels like some idiot doctor broke a needle off in my right hip and decided to simply leave it there.