What’s My Motivation?

The title to this post is from a recurring joke in my internal dialog, originating from some long-forgotten line in a movie about acting. In case you haven’t noticed, a major underlying theme of this blog is my confusion about (and outright resentment towards) the stupid roles we’re all forced to play in order to “fit in” with those around us.

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We all have memories we’d rather not dwell on. Memories of decisions we’ve made that have haunted us ever since. And I think we all wonder how things might have been different had we, or others, made different choices.

This Lady’s Got Skillz!

My friend Rosie posted the following video to my Facebook timeline, along with this intriguing statement:

Knowing you know and love music as I …..thought I would share this with you…..what talent and zest for life…..she has played with the best…

Wow, 5 Years On WordPress!

I got a little reminder last night, from the nice people at WordPress, that yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of the date that I ported my little collection of lunatic rants over from where it began on Blogger. As I was in the middle of an attempt to reduce the massive backlog of programs stored on my DVR – while adding 8 1/2 more hours to it at the same time 😳 – I had a lot of time to reflect back on that five years of blogging.

When I was finally exhausted from all the TV watching, while trying to think of something profound to say to mark the occasion at the same time, it occurred to me that it wasn’t really necessary…

Dream Team!

Well, after almost a day and a half needing only OTC meds to manage the war raging in my face, I was awakened a couple of hours ago with a very clear “Not so fast Sonny!” warning from Mother Nature. So, now that the tears have stopped and I’m back in that “not quite clear yet ‘Comfortably Numb’” state, I’d like to post the video that actually inspired Sunday’s Fevered Mutterings… post yet somehow didn’t make the cut. I just hope my real world friends will follow through and help get me to the end of my little drama…

Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever?

While the wisdom of that old adage may be a tad suspect, the helpfulness of good friends certainly isn’t. My friend Rincewind, for example, knows just the thing to help cheer me up: a good purge! He’s the one that sent me the link for the first of these images. And my usual “overboard” personality took care of the rest!

It’s Make A Mockery Saturday!

How’s about a few jokes, and some great music, help kick your Saturday into high gear? The first joke is from my good friend Rosie, who’s son has a major operation coming up at the end of the month. I hope you’ll all keep her and her son in your thoughts…

Say WHAT?!?!

Okay, we’ve all been there. You’re grooving along, singing to your favorite song. And you know you’re just knocking it out of the park. But your friends are all looking at you like you’ve lost your damned mind. And that’s when the horrible truth finally starts to sink in…