Titus the Terrific!

Okay, by choosing to watch the college basketball tournaments all day instead, I blew the chance to celebrate the “cosmic coinkydink” of Albert Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day yesterday. My apologies. That was very “unscientific” of me. I will now attempt to make up for it with these really cool videos I tracked down after watching the Outrageous Acts of Science show…


Happy New Year 2015!

Having been awakened at 5am by you know what (even after the treatment on Tuesday!), I’ll admit that I’m not exactly in a “festive” mood. But I am up, with time on my hands, and nothing better to do. So I thought I’d throw a little something together to celebrate the start of the New Year. Besides, I’m still a sentimental fool at heart, who just can’t seem to stop believing in a better tomorrow.

To Sixty, and Beyond!

Well folks, today is my birthday, and, in honor of my fifty-nine year long failure to assimilate, I’ve decided to celebrate the start of my sixtieth year with the gang from Star Trek: TNG! 😉

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Good grief. I really need to stop falling asleep with the news playing on my TV. With continuing coverage of the potential invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the ongoing search and recovery efforts after the horrible mudslide in Washington state, and, of course, the never-ending quest to find out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, it’s no wonder I woke up in such a grumpy mood! 😡

Wow, 5 Years On WordPress!

I got a little reminder last night, from the nice people at WordPress, that yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of the date that I ported my little collection of lunatic rants over from where it began on Blogger. As I was in the middle of an attempt to reduce the massive backlog of programs stored on my DVR – while adding 8 1/2 more hours to it at the same time 😳 – I had a lot of time to reflect back on that five years of blogging.

When I was finally exhausted from all the TV watching, while trying to think of something profound to say to mark the occasion at the same time, it occurred to me that it wasn’t really necessary…