2012 Clip

It’s Russian?

You know, I was just getting comfortable with the idea of Russia finally joining us in the “family” of the larger international community. Even if it was as the “crazy uncle” we all have to keep an eye on. But things have taken such a “weird” turn as of late…

Obama - Santana small


You know, sometimes I envy the bloggers who’re able to pick a certain area of coverage and then stick to that area. I, on the other hand, have so many things I want to blog about that “I Want Ice Water!” is anything but a “focused” blog. The problem with having such an “unfocused” mind is that there are just so many topics that, despite their importance, I just never seem to get around to covering as well as I’d have liked to. An example of that is music. Yeah I know, you look at the long list of artists on my Music On This Blog page and it seems like I’ve done a pretty fair job of covering the music I like. But then something like the recent Kennedy Center Honors comes along and I’m reminded, once again, of just how short that list is in comparison to what it should be!


The Forgotten Man?

What is that makes America great? Well, perhaps it’s the consistent ability of our leaders to ignore the trivial and mundane concerns of common folk… While maintaining a laser-like focus on our nation’s real problems… Videos via baracksdubs on YouTube And they clearly have their work cut out for them! 😆 I want ice water.…

Your Wednesday SmackDown!

I had intended to post some of these to “juice” everyone up before the election but, between my inability to remember which ones I’d posted before and my getting all hung up on The Big Blog Makeover, I never got around to it. But today, I say to hell with all that freakin doubt stuff.…