Just Another Awesome Sunday!

I do NOT handle cold well, and, when leaving the V.A. clinic on Monday, I caught a chill so bad that it literally left me shivering for hours afterwards. Since that time I’ve gone from having a slight headache from minor sinus pressure the next morning, to a full-blown, all-out snot fest and a raging “please kill me” kind of headache this morning. All of which has me wondering now if that sciency crap I learned about there being no connection between “getting cold” and “catching a cold” was just a load of crap. On the bright side though, I’m now living proof that antibiotics don’t do a damned thing for the common cold. Thank Gawd they gave me painkillers too!

Anyway, here are a few crazy images for you to look at as you dance in celebration of my great achievement…

And a spectacular falling dominoes video that you can tell all your friends about…


I want ice water.

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