Rainn On Me!

There won’t be anyone like you after we have parted
One so practical and shrewd, some might say hardhearted
But who would always let it slide when others held so firm
You never let it hurt your pride when words were less than warm

That’s not to say that you’re a fool
Who’s never kind and always cruel
But I would rather risk a fight than ever have to say goodbye
There won’t be anyone like you

Eleni Mandell: “Anyone Like You”

Anyone that knows me knows that I watch a LOT of TV. But frankly, as much as I love all those shows, none of them were giving me the kind of twisted satisfaction that I used to get from watching House M.D. – that is, until now. Of course, one might think that the show featuring the kind of twisted anti-hero I’d love would be the new CBS drama Battle Creek. After all, that was co-created by David Shore (creator of House M.D.) and Vince Gilligan (creator of Breaking Bad).

But no, my friends, you’d be wrong. As much as I love Battle Creek (and I do watch it every week), the “must see” twisted anti-hero champion of my DVR these days is a “chain smoking, martini swigging, promiscuous sociopath” on Fox called Backstrom!

You know, they say that if no one’s pissed at you, then you must be doing something wrong. While he may not solve his cases with the Sherlock Holmes kind of brilliance that the Gregory House character did, when it comes to making me laugh out loud as he inspires everyone around him to want to hug him AND beat the crap out of him at the same time, Everett Backstrom truly takes the cake!

BTW, if you’re wondering about the title I chose for this post, let’s just say that it’s the result of my twisted brain mashing together the name of the actor that plays Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) and a certain song I keep hearing in my head whenever I watch the show – the true lyrics of which I did not know until I started this post…

On the dry and dusty road
The nights we spend apart alone
I need to get back home to cool, cool rain

I can’t sleep, and I lay, and I think
The night is hot and black as ink
Oh God, I need a drink of cool, cool rain

Love, reign o’er me
Reign o’er me, o’er me, o’er me
Love, reign o’er me, o’er me

The Who: “Love, Reign O’er Me”

Rainn On Me!

I want ice water.

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