Tuesday Blues…

Well, I was finally forced to drag my ass into the V.A.’s urgent care clinic yesterday. I won’t go into a long, detailed description of what happened, but suffice it to say that the trip was long overdue and just chock full of frustration, embarrassment, and recriminating looks from the doctors and nurses in attendance. The good news is that, despite all the “we’re sorry Mak, but there’s nothing we can do” scenarios my sick mind had conjured up, it turns out that the terrible pain that drove me there was actually being caused by an easily treatable infection. And, considering the illnesses that could actually kill me that I’d been doing nothing about while hiding away here in my cave, I guess I should count myself lucky that the infection forced me back into the system. Of course, the bad news is that I still have all those future trips to look forward to. Well at least all the stupid paperwork required to get me back in after so long is behind me.

So why a “Tuesday Blues” post? You would think, after leaving here in the morning expecting to be rushed to an actual hospital as soon as I got to the clinic, only to be sent home with a few prescriptions and some stern admonitions to get serious about my healthcare, that I would be just plain overjoyed with relief, right? Well I was, last night – especially after the pain killers kicked in! But remember, this me me, the crazy guy wearing the “dark cloud” colored glasses. And I’ve had all the hours since I came home to reflect on what years and years of hiding in a cave have cost me…

I will now attempt to end this with some words of wisdom…

Or maybe not! O_o

I want ice water.

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18 thoughts on “Tuesday Blues…

  1. I am soooooo glad to hear that you finally went back to the VA….I have been worried about you., but loved the last video….by Simply Red…..Good message….at least that is what I’m interperting….and I am hoping my friend. Spring is here and all will be better soon…especially your healing… hang in there.

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    • Thank you so much Rosie. You are such a good friend. Now if I just had you here to kick me in the behind when I’m not following through! 😉

      About the videos, I actually went searching for the Ambrosia song after hearing it on Rizzoli & Isles, and found the Eagles and Simply Red songs by.accident. And you’re right about “Holding Back The Years” having special meaning for me. 😀


  2. Mak, it is good you finally did something. I know, some of us have a difficult time moving toward things that don’t feel good even when we know they might help us. I hope you know some of us are out here to kick you in the ass when you need it, just ask.

    Love the videos, they are good ones.

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  3. Odd. When I first clicked over here from the reader, all I saw was the “Youth is wasted on the young” pic and commented, something like “So true!” Now I come back and see a full post and no comment from me. Weird. But hey, I’m glad you finally got out the door (I have a tough time with that myself), got some help, and are feeling better. That’s wonderful news.

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    • I did get your original comment PT, though allowing comments on images makes about as much sense as having “views” of images listed separately in my stats from “views” for the post containing them. More WordPress craziness I guess. But hey, I am glad you did come by, and I really appreciate the sentiments.


      • I finally figured out I must have been on the image page. I agree, stupid set-up. And I sure don’t want image views listed separately in the stats. I bitched at WP the minute I first noticed it.

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            • Well that could certainly explain how I could have more views for images in a post than views for the post itself. Also, apparently the “Like” button in the reader doesn’t count as a view for the post, explaining how a post can have more likes than views. Argh!


              • WP has developed some really weird ways to count things. Weird enough to invalidate a lot of the numbers they give us. I consider any Like, view, or visit from the reader to be invalid. I’d prefer to see only stats from people who come to my blog. And I certainly don’t think spammers who Like or Follow should be counted or displayed at all (although that would probably drop my followers by 50% or more.

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                • The stats they provide can be as confusing as they are interesting. I’d like to have them come up with a way to show which of my posts the referrer and search references led to. And, because I simply don’t remember everything in every post, it would be nice if they showed which posts the images and links clicked on were actually in.


                  • I’ve sometimes tracked down the images and links clicked on by entering them in Omnisearch to search my entire blog. But my impression is those search results don’t begin to cover everything in my blog. For just the images you can enter their names or URLs in the search window in your media library.

                    Yes, I would definitely like to know which posts the referrers and search terms led to. Sometimes I can guess by looking at which posts were read the same day. But often not.

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