A Garden Still To Attend…

I was going to post the video below yesterday, but the news of Leonard Nimoy’s death kinda spoiled the mood. But today is a new day, and now, after watching the first of the new Star Trek movies on FX, seeing this awesome image that fellow blogger Don linked to on his A Pondering Mind blog…


An ‘Astronaut Salutes Nimoy From Orbit’ – Click image to read the story


And having this exchange between the new Bones (Karl Urban) and the new Spock (Zachary Quinto) firmly planted in my head…

Bones: You know, back home we have a saying: “If you’re gonna ride in the Kentucky Derby, you don’t leave your prize stallion in the stable.”

Spock: A curious metaphor, doctor, as a stallion must first be broken before it can reach its potential.

It has occurred to me that, despite the fact that “change is inevitable”…

A Garden Still To Attend 02

A Garden Still To Attend 01

This blog is the part of my garden that helps keep me sane. And to it, I must attend…

Earth time lapse 2015, International Space Station, ISS, fly over, Orbit, via Selmesfilms on YouTube

Reblogged from Watch This Stunning Seamless Video of Earth From Orbit on Lights in the Dark,
And Incredible “Birdman”-like Tracking-Shot Timelapse of Earth from Space on Universe Today

The story behind the creation of that video is a pretty “fascinating” one. I urge you to check it out…

A Garden Still To Attend 03

A Garden Still To Attend 04


I want ice water.

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2 thoughts on “A Garden Still To Attend…

    • I hear ya Alex. I’m hoping to finally get around to posting a couple of the Neil DeGrasse Tyson videos I’ve bookmarked, but there’s a storm going on, power is fluctuating in the area, and my little buddy here has already frozen up on me once this morning! O_o


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