From Frozen Sand…

Having awakened to a very depressing -8 degrees outside my door (and wind chills far lower), finding something beautiful arising from the cold wasn’t exactly high on my list of morning activities. In fact, if anything, the cold snap we’ve been experiencing has made it very hard for me to see the beauty in anything at all. But then I saw these images…

While exploring the shores around St. Joseph, Michigan last week, photographer Joshua Nowicki stumbled onto a bizarre phenomenon: dozens of small sand towers rising out of the beach, some over a foot tall. The strange layered sand castles are formed when blasts of wind slowly erode layers of frozen sand, much like how a river might slowly create a canyon. Nowicki returned yesterday to shoot more photos, but found that sunny skies were enough to melt them away. You can see more of his photography here.


Images reblogged from
Strong Winds Carve Otherworldly Towers from Frozen Sand on the Shore of Lake Michigan
on Colossal

Funny how captured images of a bizarre but temporary phenomena can help thaw even a soul as frozen as mine. But then, I guess nothing in this world is really permanent, is it?

I want ice water.

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