The Arrow and Hawkeye have nothing on this guy!

Robin Hood, Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen, Legolas of Mirkwood, Abigail Whistler, and Hawkeye. Fans of archery “superheroes” everywhere will recognize those names. Well my friends, meet real-life archery superstar Lars Andersen, and watch how he blows all those comic book and Hollywood myths away!

Video via larsandersen23 on YouTube
Reblogged from If You Only Watch One Archery Video, Please Let It Be This One on Twisted Sifter

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I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “The Arrow and Hawkeye have nothing on this guy!

  1. Wow!! That guy’s unreal! And the history is fascinating. I never knew any of that stuff.
    Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been an archery fan since I was a kid, when my dad bought me a nice bow and I sort of live the dream when I’m gaming — I always play an archer if one is available.

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    • I’ve been an archery fan ever since I saw that splitting an arrow scene when I was little. This video, with all the history and amazing feats, has made me an even bigger fan than before. Of course, the new knowledge will make seeing all the fake stuff harder to swallow… 😀


      • Hadn’t thought of that. Yes, I’m likely to think of this now every time I see someone using a bow. I hope it doesn’t spoil my games. Both of the ones I got for Christmas are full of archers and in the one I’m playing now, it’s my primary weapon.


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