Wonders of The Universe…

Wonders of The Universe is an awesome visual spectacle created by Fiorella on Vimeo, featuring original images and clips by ESA/Hubble and the music of Schubert’s Serenade – An Ambient Tribute – Interstellar Series by Daniel Spring.

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

– Albert Einstein

But wait. There’s more! 😉

Personally, I’m not a religious man, but I admit to being just a bit of a zealot when it comes to appreciating the “miracle” that is our universe. Take, for example, our incredible Moon. Did you know that, were it not for the stabilizing influence it has on the earth, life (as we know it at least) may have never even been possible here. But an interesting “side effect” of that stabilizing influence is that the moon is slowly receding away from the earth. It was much, much closer in the past, and it will continue to move further and further away as time goes on.

Now here’s what fascinates me the most about this: Coincidentally, just as all that “stabilization” was allowing life like us to develop and thrive here on Earth, the moon just happened to reach a distance from the earth that made it appear roughly the same size in the sky as the sun – right when there were creatures here (i.e, us) intelligent enough to be inspired to wonder by the incredible phenomena of total solar eclipses. Imagine how rare such a sight must be in the universe, and how incredibly lucky we are to live where we can see them.

Incidentally, the first proofs for Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity came through observations made during total solar eclipses. How’s that for a “miraculous” coincidence? 😎

The word of God is the creation we behold and it is in this word, which no human invention can counterfeit or alter, that God speaketh universally to man.

– Thomas Paine

Okay. In all fairness, I must confess my awareness that there’s some dispute over the veracity of the Einstein quote at the top. But I used it anyway. Why? Because it just worked so well with this post! Sue me. ^^’

BTW, if you’re in the mood to do a little observing of your own, Universe Today says that Comet Finlay can be viewed with just binoculars right now, and that you don’t even need those to see Comet Lovejoy! 😀

I want ice water.

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