Wonders In The Sky…

As fascinating to behold as star constellations and cloud formations, for the impatient among us, starling murmurations have the added benefit of rapidly changing right before our eyes…

Seen here is a huge flock of starlings (known as a murmuration), soaring above the skies of Utrecht in the Netherlands. While the science behind their uncanny coordination is not fully understood, what is known is at the individual level, when a neighbour moves, so do you. The hypnotic movements were captured earlier this year by Alpaca Media.

The Twisted Sifter blog

Reblogged from The Coordinated Beauty of Thousands of Birds Moving In Sync on the Twisted Sifter blog

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Wonders In The Sky…

    • Wow is right my friend. I remember watching a science program where they tried to figure out how the swarming thing works, but what really struck me was how effective it is at thwarting attacks from predators! 😀


  1. Murmurations absolutely mesmerize me. They always look like movie special effects because of course thousands of birds couldn’t possibly move like that … and yet … they do …


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