Je suis Charlie…

I hold some very strong beliefs my friends, and the number of times I take offense at something in a day can really add up. The thing is though, I’ve never harmed anyone because they offended me, and I’d certainly never kill anyone over it.

Too bad everyone doesn’t feel that way…

Je suis Charlie 01

Je suis Charlie 02

Je suis Charlie 03

I want ice water.

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16 thoughts on “Je suis Charlie…

  1. the trouble with religion is that some folk take it far too seriously and take it upon themselves to act as defenders of their god against ‘attacks’ by non-believers – [as if their all-powerful, ever-present, all-seeing deity needed any help from them !]

    those who act in this way are not doing so to defend their god or prophet (whatever they may think), they are pathetic losers seeking to enhance their own self-importance by their actions – and far from generating a greater respect and understanding of islam and greater tolerance and acceptance of its adherents, their murderous acts have the opposite effect – demonstrating that common sense and religious beliefs do not often go hand-in-hand


  2. Excellent post Izaak, and since the murderers seem to have gotten what they wanted – death – it’s exactly what is needed. Those three men are not martyrs. That “honour” goes to their 17 victims.


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