Amazing Chicken?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a little disappointed with the college football bowl games this year. I mean, regardless of which team you’re rooting for (if any), you at least want the game to be competitive, right? Take the 45-21 shellacking Stanford gave to Maryland in last night’s Foster Farms Bowl for example. Being terribly sleep deprived already, it didn’t take much to convince me that there would be no amazing second half Maryland come-back, so I ended up calling it a night half way through the third quarter.

But the game did have one notable highlight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the field. No, that moment came in one of the ads for the game’s sponsor: Foster Farms. I laughed so hard that I actually spent more time in that third quarter searching YouTube than I did watching the game. Strangely enough, I actually found two others that were just as funny before I got to the one from the game. So, since they’re so short anyway, I’ve decided to post all three in the order I found them…

At Foster Farms…

Amazing Chicken

Chickens Aren’t The Only Things On The Chopping Block!

Those poor songs will never sound the same… O_o

I want ice water.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Chicken?

  1. I felt a bit troubled watching the poor chickens…. I know where these amazing chickens will end up on… on our dining table, as chicken nuggets. * facepalm * I don’t want to be reminded….. :/


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