The Bones 200th ‘Crimedy’ Spectacular!

While it may not have been my favorite episode ever (the show has, after all, set the bar pretty high), the Bones “The 200th in the 10th” episode (in celebration of the series 200 episode run) was a genuinely heart-tugging and funny visual spectacular! In homage to the series’ Hitchcock-like roots, the episode took the entire Jeffersonian team back to the 1950s to give their world the look and feel of an old Hollywood style crime/comedy romp, or, as executive producer Stephen Nathan calls it, a ‘Crimedy’…

We’re a procedural romantic comedy—we’ve always called ourselves a crimedy, so we’re a romantic crimedy—and that’s what Hitchcock did. Whether it’s To Catch a Thief, North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much—they were basically love stories set against a very nefarious background. So what we’ve done is find a way to retell the story of our characters, and our characters fit very well in this.

Entertainment Weekly

In case you didn’t see it, here are a couple of the trailers for the episode to give you a feel for what you missed…

Now I know there may be some amongst you that don’t watch Bones – perhaps you’ve been in a coma for the last 10 years, or you’re one of those tree-hugging, ‘I don’t watch TV’ types – but are nevertheless curious as to what the brouhaha is all about. Well, fan or not, you are indeed in luck if getting a ‘deeper understanding’ of the series is what you want, because I’ve found the ultimate Bones catch-up tool for you!

Bones fans, behold the most impressive thing you’ll see today.

In celebration of next week’s 200th episode, an army of fans teamed up with Fox to create a by-the-numbers tribute to the show in a way only a true Bonehead could. In the infographic, exclusive to Mashable, this is particularly evident in section 5, “the relations for the shippers.”



Image reblogged from Fan-made ‘Bones’ infographic gives by-the-numbers breakdown of the show on

Wowzers! 😜 If that doesn’t inspire you to start watching Bones, I don’t what will! 😍

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “The Bones 200th ‘Crimedy’ Spectacular!

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of a GREAT info for NON-viewers and even for people like me who have always watched it!

    With that said, I didn’t love this episode at all. I sat through it, but… other than the kinda visual beauty of it and the throwback to the ‘good ‘ole days’ it just didn’t work for me on so many levels. Mismatching of some characters acting out their new characters like Dr. Hodgins, whereas others were clearly just in a new costume but kept playing the same old character like Bones herself. I guess I would have liked if they just all decided to go one way or the other with the episode. Honestly, I was disappointed. But the opening was directed interestingly by David Boreanaz — especially when he first breaks into the house — that was kinda cool shooting and playing with the good ‘ole days for sure.

    Truthfully, I watch it because I always have. But I think the final straw for me was losing Sweets. I have no problem with him leaving the show — but the way they did it was so blah, so undeserving of such a character. It was lackluster at best. And for the most part, I feel like the show has been kinda lackluster for quite some time. But, if there’s nothing else on and it’s on your DVR, it’s not hard to watch in the background and still get other stuff done.

    My favorite BONES time period: Zack Addy and the realization that he was working with Gormagon! Broke my heart — but was sooooooooooooooo good! And even that, they left dangling… I hate that shows think we forget characters. But they never bring him up — they never even followed up on the fact that he never killed anyone…. I don’t know… but that was a GREAT story line. There have been many, but..not lately.

    Fun post Mak! Thank you anyways.. I need to go back and watch some old school BONES.



    • Wow, what a comment Carmen. Thanks! As I said at the top of the post, this wasn’t the best Bones episode. Though I loved the visuals and the humor, it felt a little ‘rushed’ to me, as if they’d have been better off taking the time to flesh out the story even if that meant doing a two hour, or a two part, special for the celebration.

      I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to the exits given to the Zack and Sweets characters. As much as I love them all, those were two of my favorites, with Vincent Nigel-Murray coming in third. At least with Zack, they left a way for him to possibly return – although why they didn’t bring him back is just unfathomable to me, but to outright kill off Sweets and Vincent tells me that the actors themselves might have wanted it that way.

      Maybe I’m just a sentimental old fool for a show that has always felt as comfortable as an old pair of shoes, but I just can’t say that the show has lost its luster to me. For now at least, I plan to watch until there just aren’t any more episodes to watch. Hopefully, when that day does come, I’ll be able to handle it better than I did when they stopped making new episodes of House. O_o


      • You know, at least with Vincent Nigel-Murray his exist was pretty spectacular. I mean,sad, but I honestly was thrown by it. I still remember it. I felt like Sweets’ death was… blah. But yes, we agree on so much.

        It’s funny, I thought you were going to say a different show. House was great — again, in the beginning. I loved it. And then, somehow I was just got annoyed with the new younger staff and his constant drugging, not drugging and his enabling best friend. Maybe as I get older – uhem – I’m losing all patience? I don’t know. It feels like there are few shows that retain their freshness over time. But I admit I know it’s probably just me. Homeland on the other hand, I think is just getting better — and yet, I think this is more of an anomaly. Castle is also kind of just coasting along as far as I’m concerned — but I can’t help but keep watching it because of our dear Firefly Captain Nathan Fillion!

        Well Bones will still be a show I watch for sure. I’m also very loyal. Once I start watching something, I’m IN till the end. Oh, and now I realize that Homeland is such a different genre than what we’re talking about so my apologies — but just in the idea of story-line interest and suspense — that’s why I threw it in there. But we agree — on so many things… that’s why I love stopping by and reading your posts…. sometimes you stun me into silence (making me think) and sometimes I wish we lived across the street from each other and could hang out and talk about our favorite shows and such…. we are so alike in so many ways… gotta love it!

        Aaaghhh….you’ll be fine when Bones comes to an end. I’ll be here to walk you through for sure….



        • Although they both seem to have more of the “mailed it in” type episodes lately, Bones and Castle remain two on a very short list of shows that I just can’t resist Carmen. Most of the other shows I record, while still very good, just don’t have the balance of lightness and darkness that appeal to me. I’d love to check out Homeland, and The Newsroom as well, seeing how well they seem to match up with my more serious viewing tastes, but adding Showtime and HBO to my cable bill would really break the bank.

          I love your visits to my blog precisely because we seem so alike on so many levels. But, in a way, I’m glad you don’t live across the street, as I fear my awkwardness in live interactions would ruin an otherwise great friendship. If I only had the ability to express myself in the brilliantly spontaneous way those great TV characters can, rather than needing to sit here for a half hour composing my thoughts like this. Sigh…

          Hugs right back at ya my friend! 😀

          Liked by 1 person

    • Being just a tad quirky myself, I find I can relate to the Bones character very well. However, it’s the way the “normals” in the cast react to her that makes the show so good! 😀


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