Saturday At The Geek…

To paraphrase (loosely) a favorite old boss of mine…

Son, that ain’t lazy. That’s just being stupid. Being a ‘Master of Lazee’ myself, trust me, I know the proper way to be lazy! You see, what people call ‘lazy’ is simply an attempt by some to avoid work. The thing is, the way they go about it almost always leads to them having to do more work, by having to go back and repeat their efforts multiple times, than they would have had to do if they’d simply put in the thought and the time required to do the job right the first time!

I’ve never forgotten those words, or the man who said them. I was reminded of both this morning when I saw this video…

Which was one of YouTube’s related links presented after I watched this video…

Reblogged from The Science Love Song [Video] on Geeks are Sexy Technology News

Both videos via AsapSCIENCE on YouTube

And for those facing the natural (or unnatural?) aftermath of all that ‘Geek Love’…

Ladies, if you are pregnant, and know your baby is a boy… consider naming your child “Gotham.” That way, when the little one starts crying in the middle of the night, all you have to do is turn to your man and whisper, “Gotham needs you.” And it won’t matter if it’s the first time or the fiftieth time he’s hearing it, he will get up and take care of business. And you can roll over and get your well-deserved sleep.

There you go, ladies. You’re welcome.


Reblogged from Ladies: How to get Your Man Up in the Middle of the Night for Your Son + Comic on Geeks are Sexy Technology News

I want ice water.

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