Halloween – Every Day Is Scary…

As with so many things we humans celebrate, I’ve frankly never understood our fascination with Halloween. First of all, sending our kids door to door to issue the implied threat behind the whole trick or treat thing has never seemed like good parenting to me. And considering how scary people already are, expanding that lunacy to include encouraging adults to behave in an even more scary manner than usual strikes me as something akin to insanity on an industrial-scale! O_o

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. After all, my skills at interpreting the motivations of my fellow man aren’t exactly world renowned. Hell, for all I know, they may find a celebration of fear to be somehow “cathartic”… 🙄

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Halloween – Every Day Is Scary…

  1. Awe…. I’ve never been huge fan of Halloween either. Though, watching my little six year old God-Daughter discuss how important it is that she be “whoever” the girl is from FROZEN and how every year she gets so “into” the whole process of it — I kinda sigh a little bit of a relief. She’s imagining, thinking, playing…. Maybe your adult self remember the scary things, but I hope that there were moments of imagination and play — regardless of if it was Halloween or not. I kind of changed my view of the night actually — it’s about dress up, fun and imagining… oh, and candy! Yes, candy! I’ll take it!

    Don’t embrace the scary! Embrace the fun!



  2. I won’t go into the entire history, there is a better one than the one we celebrate. The entire seasonal transition, the thinning of the layers between this world and the next. This happens to be my favorite of the year, but not the little snots going door to door. Keep them away.


  3. Kids get a kick out of dressing up in costumes, parroting “Trick or treat” (without realizing it’s actually a threat), and going around getting free candy. But that part of Halloween that involves scaring others or being scared, I’ve never understood, any more than I understand the attraction of scary, creepy movies. Fear is a most unpleasant sensation, not something desirable, IMHO.


    • Fear can teach us some things, which, I think, is the root of peoples fascination with horror stories and movies. Kids dressing up in the different “costumes” of life can be useful as well. But, as with all the other “special” days we set aside, Halloween has become just another way for some to profit from the exploitation of peoples envy of status. And, from where I sit, encouraging people to pretend to be someone else during a massive “festival of coveting” just invites trouble…


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