About Those British Accents…

Anyone’s who’s read this blog for a while knows how much I love the British accent. My son, however, has such a difficult time understanding them that he won’t even bother watching movies or TV shows that feature British actors. Considering that some of my very favorite movies and TV shows do actually feature British actors, you can see how we don’t spend much time watching together.

Of course I’d be lying if I said the accents never confuse me. But then, the confusion is a big part of the fun! πŸ˜‰

That video is from the Anglophenia channel on YouTube. Other videos from them that I liked were How To Insult Like the British, Why Brits and Americans Spell Differently, and Brits vs Americans: Who’s Smarter?

And on the subject of whether Brits or Americans are smarter, I think this Hugh Laurie and Ellen DeGeneres “competition” clip answers that question rather nicely – at least when it comes to interpreting each others speech! πŸ˜€

Did you see how the show cheated for Ellen on her “Chuffed To Bits” answer? So much for those Jaguar ads! O_o

I want ice water.

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22 thoughts on “About Those British Accents…

  1. After umpteen seasons of “House,” I still can’t get used to Laurie’s real accent. And neither he nor Ellen was pronouncing some of those words the way I would (I suppose that’s my own accent kicking in). As for the British expressions, I think “chin wag” was the only one I’ve heard before. I’m far more intrigued by the “weird” way Brits pronounce some English words — such as schedule, controversy, etc. They, of course, think we Yanks have mangled their language.


    • I feel the same way you do about Laurie’s real accent PT. But what really bugs me is how badly I do when I try to speak that way. I mean, considering how many people do accents really well, how hard can it be? Well, for me at least, it’s damned hard! O_o


      • I couldn’t do a recognizable accent if my life depended on it (although apparently I do Okie rather well without even trying). My son does what sounds to me like a great cockney accent, but he was in two different productions of “Oliver” in high school and got some pretty good coaching.


        • After working so hard to lose my hillbilly accent, I can understand how easy that Okie thing is to fall back into. Your son did it the right way, with lots of feedback and coaching. Being the anti-social type, I’d probably have to resort to using a recorder of some sort! πŸ˜€


          • I, of course, don’t hear my accent. But I got teased and/or questioned about it a lot back during Rush Week in Boulder in 1961. Made me a bit self-conscious about it, but I’ve never made a conscious effort to lose it.


            • I was teased unmercifully when I moved from Charleston, W.VA. to Los Angeles when I was twelve, and just as much when I moved from there to Ohio at fourteen. Being self-conscious is an understatement of how I felt, and I did make a conscious effort to lose it. To this day I wonder how well I did! O_o


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