Holy Smorgasbord Batman!

D’Artagnan: What? Do you think you have the monopoly on loss? What if she dies? The life of one woman or the future of France? What would you do if you were in my position?

Athos: I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. Made a lot of hard choices. For honor, for King, for country. Do you know what I’ve learned, boy? Hard choices and sacrifices do not keep you warm at night. And life is too damn short and too damn long to go through without someone at your side. Don’t end up like me. Choose the woman. Fight for love, D’Artagnan. France will take care of itself.

– Lines from The Three Musketeers

A fine buffet for those with discriminating tastes? Of course not! A sampler plate from the Psyche Ward chow hall then? Yeah, that’s the ticket! 😉

First up, an Epi-fied (would you believe that’s an actual word?) version of the Disney / Pixar classic, Up

Next, a peek at what may well be my future girlfriend…

And finally, the song that was playing in the “70s Soul something or other” infomercial that was on TV this morning when I woke up… Damn, I hope this purges it from my brain! O_o

D’Artagnan: Enjoying the show?

Constance: Are you always this cocky?

D’Artagnan: Only on Tuesdays… and whenever beautiful women are involved.

Constance: So, you think I’m beautiful?

D’Artagnan: Actually, it’s Tuesday.

– Lines from The Three Musketeers

Oh yeah, I watched The Three Musketeers again today as well… ^^’

I want ice water.

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