It’s Russian?

You know, I was just getting comfortable with the idea of Russia finally joining us in the “family” of the larger international community. Even if it was as the “crazy uncle” we all have to keep an eye on…

Clip from the movie 2012

But things have taken such a “weird” turn as of late…

That I began to have some weird thoughts as to just WTF was going on

Fortunately, an “inner voice” has been helping me resist crazy thoughts like that…

Not Aliens

That is, until just recently…

Only In Russia: Biker Crashes Into Car And Does Insane Flip To Land On Roof Video

And now I’m thinking I may have been right all along! 😮

Because They're Aliens 06

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “It’s Russian?

  1. Yeah, until the whole Ukraine debacle began, I’d rather grudgingly begun to accept that Putin might be willing to get along with the family of modern, more-or-less democratic societies. I guess when you’ve been old-school Cold War KGB, you never really change, or forget, or stop trying.


  2. It’s fun to mock the Russians. Maybe not the sanest thing to do when he has 10,000 tanks and we have three, but it is fun.

    PS: Dunno if you can answer this, but who the hell is that alien guy? I see him all over the net, and I’ve always wondered.


    • One of the benefits of doing a blog that few people read, I suppose, is that I can poke fun at pretty much anyone with little fear of retribution from foreign assassins. Now doing that on television before millions of people on the other hand… 😕

      The “Aliens” guy is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who took a bachelor’s degree in sports information and communication and just ran hog wild with it! O_o


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