Your Tuesday Eye Candy!

Just a few things that caught my eye in today’s emails…


Image from Picture of the Day: Cabin on the Matterhorn on Twisted Sifter

Video from Timelapse: Indonesian Volcanoes at Day and Night by Thierry Legault On Universe Today

Venus Jupiter Conjunction Panorama 2 - Aug 17, 2014

Image from Astrophotos: Spectacular Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Graces the Dawn on Universe Today

Thailand at night on Aug. 18, 2014

Image from What Are These Mysterious Green Lights Photographed From the Space Station? on Universe Today

Cassini Watches Clouds Form Over Titan’s Methane Sea

Image from Cassini Watches Clouds Form Over Titan’s Methane Sea on Lights in the Dark

And, just because I love the visuals so much! 😉

I want ice water.

More from the Visual Treats volume

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6 thoughts on “Your Tuesday Eye Candy!

  1. Beautiful collection as ever. I’ll always have a soft spot for Titan. I remember watching the footage from Cassini–Huygens with perhaps the faintest hint of national pride! I also remember the reaction of an American host covering the story, and his dismissive “Yeah, like the ones we sent to Mars” reaction. Yeah, except 1.1 billion km to 1.76 billion km* further away and with seas and everything, so suck it!**

    *Cheers, Yahoo Answers!
    **Nobody mention Beagle 2.


    • Thanks Jake. Your points are well made too. And I’d totally forgotten about Beagle 2, just as I’m trying to forget all the failures we Americans have made. Like Apollo 1, The Challenger, The Columbia… O_o


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