Don’t Kill Sean Bean?

Okay, I was watching the premiere of new TNT Network show, Legends, last Wednesday…

Which I actually thought was good enough for me to program my DVR to record. The thing is, however, that I had no idea as I was watching that the star of the show, Sean Bean, had become such a big sensation all over the internet as well – not just for his acting roles mind you, as award-winning as they are – but also for the horrible and grisly fates usually suffered by the characters he plays. A little bit of searching produced lots of Sean Bean death scenes montage videos, videos of Sean Bean giving interviews about his death scenes and, believe it or not, even a video of a crazy guy with his very own Don’t Kill Sean Bean song!

Hell, apparently even the people behind Legends have gotten into the act. Just check out this bit of insanity they tacked onto the end of the premiere:

Call it a “sneaking suspicion” if you will, but I’m thinking that when the new show eventually reaches its conclusion…

The final scene may just be Bloody Legendary! O_o

I want ice water.

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