A Peek Into Our Future?

With all our miraculous technological advances, is there any wonder why the people who envision them can have such positive expectations for the future? On the other hand, seeing the way we actually use this wonderful technology…

Video via CollegeHumor on YouTube

I have to ask myself if the future we’re headed for is anywhere near as ‘bright’ as we dream it will be…

Video via Adult Swim on YouTube
Reblogged from Star Trek: The Sext Generation 2:20 on Tales from the World

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “A Peek Into Our Future?

  1. LOVED the Google video. Steve Rosenberger was there ahead of you with the Trekkie video, just yesterday. 🙂 I saw that collection of shots of moronic kids about a year ago: that’s how long this has already been going on. Ack !!!!


  2. The one with the warning from us to our pre-human predecessors is definitely my favorite!

    And the day Einstein feared is so right-on!

    It really is like that with mobile devices–I see it everywhere I go, every day–people interacting with everyone and everything except the people who are with them in person! It’s scary, to say the least!

    People fear handguns, with good reason. But mobile devices are even more dangerous–and ultimately more destructive–than handguns.

    What also amazes me is this: how the elderly, who are supposed to be wise, buy into these mobile devices as much as the teenagers do. My generation, Generation X, seems stuck between Generation Y and Generation Z, who can be forgiven for their ignorance about mobile devices because they’re so young–and the Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation, who cannot be forgiven because they have seen the damaging effects of technological dependence. And whenever I question the elderly about this, this is their excuse–they actually tell me that they don’t have to worry about the consequences of digital-age madness because they will die soon! What about their children, their great-grandchildren, and their great-great-grandchildren? They don’t give a damn.

    The elderly in the United States have never been so foolish as they are today. But they’ve also never been so selfish as they are today.


    • What a spot on comment. Thanks Scott! As a baby-boomer myself, I’d like to say that I’ve avoided becoming a mobile device addict because of sheer moral rectitude, but the truth is that I don’t know if I’d be any different if I could afford to have them. Of course, one of the reasons I can’t afford to have them is because I’ve never wanted to have so much money that I had to constantly be on guard against the temptations having it would lead to… :/


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