Continuum – Dark Places…

The heart wants what the heart wants, right? And whether it’s for love, family, a better world, or merely to survive, we all feel the urge to fight for what we want despite the obstacles standing in our way – even when the odds against us seem impossibly high. Struggles such as that, IMHO, are perhaps the essential defining characteristic of our species – the one thing we all have in common regardless of where we come from as individuals. And when we, as individuals, look for something to inspire us – to make the odds we face seem less insurmountable somehow – there’s just nothing like a bigger-than-life tale of heroism, true or fictional, to do the trick.

The SyFy Channel series Continuum is one such tale.

Continuum - Season 3-1

This is what I wrote about that series a year ago:

A different kind of “love spat” for this one my friends – between what’s in a man’s heart and what he’s allowed his life to become. Oh yeah, and a really nice song too!

Imagine you are one of the most brilliant men that have ever lived, and you live in a future where your brilliance has made you into one of the richest, and most powerful people that have ever lived as well. Now imagine that, despite all your wealth and power, you detest this brave new world and regret the instrumental role your achievements had in making it so detestable. You want to change this new world you helped to create, but changes like that are beyond the reach of even your intellect, wealth, and power – precisely because of the very technology you invented.

So you decide to invent some new technology. Technology powerful enough to overcome even the physics of time. And then you use that technology to give the people of the past a taste of a future they will most certainly want to prevent – particularly the very clever, but still highly impressionable, younger version of yourself…

That’s my impression of the “story behind the story” of the SyFy series Continuum. Sort of a “to change the world I built, I must change the man who built it” scenario. Now I can’t say with any certainty that the Continuum saga will ultimately unfold in the way I’ve outlined it, but that is how things look to me so far, 3 episodes into its 2nd season.

But I plan to keep on watching it even if my instincts are dead on accurate – because the show is just that damned good! You can learn more about Continuum here, here, here, and especially here. …

Love Spat Saturday – Good As Gold

Well, the show is almost through it’s 3rd incredible season now, and, after last Friday’s The Dying Minutes episode…

I can honestly say that Continuum now ranks among the all-time greatest stories I have ever seen or read. Hell, if the wonderfully portrayed characters, incredible plot twists, mind-blowing sci-fi tech, and downright bad-ass action scenes aren’t addictive enough, the music included in the show just plain haunts me for days after each episode! Check out how Quinn Archer’s Dark Places was used to close out Friday’s episode…

Even though my impression of the “story behind the story” still seems to be holding true, the plan to “change the man who built the future” now appears to be very much in doubt. With so many players – from so many time lines – fighting to twist the future to meet their own needs, it’s looking like all the death and destruction wrought – by both “the good guys” and “the bad guys” – have done little to alter a future destined to be an even greater nightmare than the one depicted in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The only thing I know for certain is that I do plan to continue watching!

Here’s a preview of Friday’s Season 3 Finale: “Last Minute”

In the unlikely event that any of you are as fascinated by this show as I am (seeing how almost no one read that first post), you can find out more on the Continuum website and on the Continuum Wiki.

The heart wants what the heart wants, and I’m driven to write about what I love…


I want ice water.

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7 thoughts on “Continuum – Dark Places…

    • Thanks for being probably the only one to comment on this post my friend. “Very good and well scripted” indeed, not to mention well acted. Frankly, I enjoyed that first season so much that I was shocked when it was renewed, and then renewed again. I can think of only a few shows I like this much – the kind that really make you think – that actually survived!


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  2. Am half way through season 2 now. Had a 6 episode watch yesterday and it seems it’s going to be the same tonight. Looking forward to season 3 start for me tomorrow. Yay.


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