A Colossal Monday For Art!

I ran across these awesome images the other day on the Colossal Tumblr blog, each of which was linked back to the actual Colossal Website post they came from …

Michigan-based photographer Vincent Brady uses an elaborate 4-camera rig and lots of software to capture what he calls Planetary Panoramas. These are somewhat similar to the tiny planet videos we’ve seen the last few months, but the results are quite a bit more dramatic. …


Reblogged from A Multi-Camera 360° Panoramic Timelapse of the Stars by Vincent Brady on Colossal
Video via Vincent Brady on YouTube
You can see lots more images at the Vincent Brady website

From onion peels to kiwi seeds or even bits of chocolate, it seems any canvas is sufficient for Turkish artist Hasan Kale as long as it meets the requirement of being incredibly tiny. Hasan delights in the challenge of depicting landscapes of his native Istanbul in the most infinitesimal of brush strokes, a feat that requires the use of a magnifying glass to appreciate the details of each piece. While the longevity of each object he paints is questionable, the steadiness of his hand is impressive to witness. …

Reblogged from New Impossibly Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food by Hasan Kale on Colossal
There are lots more images on the Hasan Kale Facebook PhotoStream

Though it may seem implausible, these translucent orbs bursting with activity and life are made entirely from glass by New Jersey-based artist Paul Stankard, largely considered to be the father of modern glass paperweights. While many will find his work instantly recognizable, if you’re like me, you might have been unaware that modern glass paperweights existed. Stankard is a pioneer in the studio glass movement and his techniques have helped change the course of artistic glass for the last few decades. …

Reblogged from Beauty Beyond Nature: Stunning Artistic Glass Paperweights by Paul J. Stankard on Colossal
There are lots more images on the Paul J. Stankard website

I want ice water.

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