1. Stop and Think…

You know, sometimes advertising can do so much more than just offer up useless crap…

Advertisements are most commonly used by companies to market their product or service to increase brand awareness and sales that in the end makes them more money. Everywhere we look we are often bombarded with advertisements that screams “buy, buy, buy” and “You really need this new product”…

But sometimes advertisements aren’t used for commercial use. Non-profit organizations use advertising as a way to wake public awareness about important social and environmental issues going on over the world. Often using strong messages to make a big impact so that the message stays with you for as long as possible. Here is a collection of 25 new powerful ads with messages that will most certainly grab your attention.

Daniel Nelson – From Up North

Images reblogged from 25 Powerful Advertisements That Will Make You Stop And Think on From Up North

I want ice water.

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