The Magic Of Billy Joel


Of all the music I’ve loved in my life, much of which I’ve posted here, there’s none that’s more dear to me than that of Billy Joel and Elton John. The thing is, I’ve featured Elton John on this blog far more often than I have the great Billy Joel. With this post, I’d like to begin to remedy that imbalance.

But how, exactly, does one select from such an incredible list of songs? Well, not for the first time, I’ve literally spent hours searching for, and listening to, videos of his music, trying to narrow it down. Here’s what I’ve come up with…

~ Captain Jack ~

~ You May Be Right ~

~ Big Shot ~

~ She’s Always A Woman ~

~ Just The Way You Are ~

~ Piano Man, with Elton John ~

I’ve never been much for concerts, but I think I would’ve really enjoyed seeing Billy Joel live. And when I heard that he and Elton John were touring together… OMG!!!


I want ice water.

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18 thoughts on “The Magic Of Billy Joel

  1. I may have told you before that one of the very few concerts I’ve ever attended was the Face 2 Face concert with Billy Joel and Elton John. My son flew me from NY to Denver for a visit and to go to the concert. Needless to say, you can’t get more talent on a single stage than putting those two together. It was absolutely fantastic!


  2. Agree 100% – we loved them both. In fact, when trying to think of the music that most represented our life, I decided it was Billy Joel’s. One one person missing, imnsho – Paul Williams.


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