Ahh those lovely typos!

For anyone who likes to write, spelling and grammar checkers are wonderful and (especially in my case) essential tools for avoiding embarrassment. Unfortunately, only a very careful proofreading can catch some things. Like this hilarious “typo” posted by fellow blogger Rincewind… πŸ˜‰


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If there was ever a place for one of those “Well, this is embarrassing” messages, that has to be it! O_o

I want ice water.

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26 thoughts on “Ahh those lovely typos!

  1. In the UK we have a TV subtitling service which is notorious for its typos. Stand outs include referring to the Archbishop of Canterbury as the “Arch Bitch of Canterbury”, and asking for “a moment’s violence for the Queen Mother.” Probably not so funny for the poor deaf viewers, but hysterical for silly idiots like me!


  2. I simply can’t imagine how this particular type came into existence. And I believe I’ve created every kind there is, in my time … EXPLAIN ! πŸ˜‰


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