Welcome To The Cocoon Of Fun!

So my son, who spends so much time in his room playing online games that I actually forget he’s here at times, surprised me last night by coming out of his room to ask if I’d been having problems with the Internet. He gave me the strangest look when I burst out laughing. I’m guessing he didn’t notice what was on my monitor at the time… 😉

The Internet Shut Off!

And, of course, that just elevated my mood for the rest of the evening… 🙄

Happy Un-Easter  01

Happy Un-Easter  02

Happy Un-Easter  03

Happy Un-Easter  04

Happy Un-Easter  05

Happy Un-Easter  06

Happy Un-Easter  07

Happy Un-Easter  08

Happy Un-Easter  09

Happy Un-Easter  10

Did I mention my son is just one of my five children? O_o

Tsunami Dog!

WTF Cat!

All images via Welcome To The Cocoon Of Fun on Tumblr

I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “Welcome To The Cocoon Of Fun!

    • 24 Val?!?! 😮 I used to joke that I wanted to field my own basketball team, but you’re just one player short of a basketball team, a baseball team, AND a football team! O_o


      • Truly, worse still there are a few others out there we haven’t met and likely won’t met. Could be two but family legend has it there may be as many as 5 more out there. Dad didn’t keep it in his pants.

        Keep in mind, not all are full blood, some are through adoption, there there are half and step. But at the sibling level, meh; we don’t differentiate. We love each other and just, well we are just siblings.


        • Good attitude Val. I’m one of four myself, with three fathers between us. As for my dad, he’d led a very full life already in the 57 years he lived before I was born – and I know he’s got a few other kids out there! 😀


  1. I am one of 5 children too… So loved this set of photo story my friend.. 🙂 I think Zombie’s run in the family… My own son visits and hardly speaks as he brings his Tablet laptop thing with him… I am afraid there is no cure only to cut the internet off 😉
    Smiles 😀


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