And Speaking of Awesome…

Following up on my first post of the day… For those who missed Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s heartfelt tribute to Carl Sagan during the premiere of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Open Culture did a wonderful post that included this video:

And this photocopy of the amazing letter Tyson received from Sagan when he was just 17:


To see the full transcripts of both that letter and Tyson’s reply, and to read more of the moving story behind them, I urge you to check out Open Culture’s Carl Sagan Writes a Letter to 17-Year-Old Neil deGrasse Tyson (1975) article.

But wait, the Open Culture newsletter containing that post’s link also contained a link to one including yet another “awesome correspondence” video – one who’s poignancy and beauty compels me to include it here as well:

Via Watch “Bottle,” an Award-Winning Stop Motion Animated Tale of Transoceanic Correspondence on Open Culture

I want ice water.

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