The EOTM Blues…

That’s “End Of The Month” for those who can’t read my mind. That time of the month where I struggle in futility to figure out, for the month ahead, how to cover way too many expenses with way too few resources. As I’m sure you can imagine, when this crap is added to the usual craziness going on inside my head, the EOTM can become a time of especially high anxiety.

But hey, at least I can exhaust myself searching for just the right “reflections” for what I’m feeling…

Damn, I was hoping I’d have a heart attack or simply stroke out from the effort! But I hear there are storms moving into the area, so perhaps I’ll go out for a nice, relaxing game of golf. Now what were those rules again?

I want ice water.

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20 thoughts on “The EOTM Blues…

  1. I have so much to say………….. but I’ll keep it short. Uhem. I was once told by a very brilliant woman — that I should not have an emotional attachment to money. Logically, it makes sense, but its so hard to do. But the truth is, it’s the best advice I ever got. I changed my life many years ago. I went from making plenty of money and having excess (but being completely miserable) to now working part-time, living simply and quietly, barely making ends meet myself, but pursuing this journey I’m on (I have some crazed idea that at 40+ I’m going to prosper in Hollywood! Hey, if you’re gonna dream, you gotta dream big, right?). My point is this: I know where you’re at. I understand. But, if we don’t allow money to make us feel bad or good, then we’re on the right path. It’s like brushing your teeth. If you have enough toothpaste, you brush and you go. If you don’t, you do the best you can with what you’ve got and you go. Sure, maybe throughout the day you think about if your breath smells or whatever, but at the end of the day, it’s not damaging to your inner self. No blues for toothpaste. No happiness for toothpaste. Only living.

    I know, it sounds so silly. But it worked for me all these years. And now, whether I have the rent or not, whether I make enough to buy all my needs or not, my spirit is okay. Sure, I wonder or get frustrated too, but not like before. I hope that helps a bit.

    Either way, I love who you are Mak. I do. I find you spectacular.

    Happy end of the month my friend.

    Carmen. I want Ice Water too.


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