Truth In Advertising?

In his Honest Slogans Show the “Truth” Behind Famous Brands post on Visual News, I think Benjamin Starr hit the nail just about right on the head:

What’s that you say? AXE body spray isn’t getting you all the ladies?? These “honest slogans” are exactly what the ad execs at big corporations don’t want you to think. They spend countless hours pondering how to make their often common brand stand out from the crowd – giving us any possible reason to remember them – and then Clif Dickens comes along to squash it all… or at least make us say “yep, that’s about right.”

I just don’t think he included enough of these hilarious images!

Images via Honest Slogans on Tumblr

First seen at Honest Slogans Show the “Truth” Behind Famous Brands on Visual News

You know, I won’t say that I’d actually buy a product that was advertised in this more “honest” way, but I certainly wouldn’t be as quick to flip the page or reach for the remote! :mrgreen:

I want ice water.

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