Well Shut My Blasphemous Mouth!

No, this isn’t another rant about religion or the absurdity of religious beliefs. I’ll leave that (this time) to the fine people that posted the two images I’ve included to help make my point. No my friends, this short little rant is aimed squarely at those demigods of Automattic – a name which, today, reminds me way too much of that movie Transcendencethe Almighty folks at WordPress!


Some of you may recall a post I did, about this same time last year, complaining that WordPress had somehow managed to disconnect my email notifications from all 577 of the blogs I follow. Well, in a case of…

“So, things are okay with you, eh? Well we can fix that!”

I apparently called more “trials of Job” upon myself by making this seemingly innocent comment on Pied Type’s post expressing her concerns about the inconsiderate way WordPress goes about “improving” our blogging experience…

“I don’t think a single one of the companies I deal with cares even a little bit about the concerns of their customers. At least my WordPress account is free.”

And wouldn’t you know that, not ten minutes after I made that comment, WordPress screwed up my email notifications yet again!

Though the problem they’ve caused me will require pretty much the same “solution” I came up with the last time – with no help whatsoever from WordPress mind you – the form it took this time was a little different. You see, with the massive number of blogs I follow, my email can at times get rather cluttered by those blogs that publish lots of posts in a day. In an attempt to reduce this clutter, I’ve resorted to setting a lot of them to come at me in the form of a “daily digest” – one email that contains all the post notifications from that blog for the day.

Well, those of you who’ve seen Terminator 2: Judgment Day might recall these lines:

JOHN CONNOR: “We’ve got company.”
MILES DYSON: “Police?”
SARAH CONNOR: “How many?”
JOHN CONNOR: “Uh, all of them, I think.”

Yes my friends, you guessed it – WordPress sent me the largest damned email I’ve ever seen, containing what appears to be notifications for every one of the posts that every one of those blogs published that day – and the damed thing just kept on growing and growing as I tried to scroll through it! 😮


The ball’s in your court WordPress. What? No response? You Gawd’s are all alike!

Happy Easter everyone. If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know why! O_o

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “Well Shut My Blasphemous Mouth!

    • Special indeed PT, from some very “special” kind of people. I’m just glad you aren’t in the habit of posting 10 times a day, or I might never hear from you again! O_o


    • Good advice about complaining in writing Val. I just wish I was better at keeping my mouth shut. You just never know when one of those nasty little “Easter Eggs” will pop up and bite you! O_o


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