Points Of Memory…

It’s amazing how my mind works. I have such a terrible memory that I have to maintain a calendar, complete with email alerts, just so I’ll remember when a family member has a birthday. And I can’t blame my poor memory on aging either, because I couldn’t even remember all those places and dates I needed to pass the tests they gave me in grade school.

On the other hand, my crazy mind just can’t seem to let go of certain things. Lately, it’s been stuck replaying the news reports and imagery from things like the crisis in Ukraine (the tactics of which seem, to me at least, ironically similar to those employed by the dingbats supporting that cattle rancher in Nevada), that terrible mudslide in Washington state, the ongoing mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airways Flight 370 and, topping it all off, the haunting text messages sent by students trapped aboard the ferry that went down off the coast of South Korea.

The mental looping has gotten so bad over the past few days that my mind has even given it a soundtrack, The Electric Light Orchestra’s “Cant Get It Out Of My Head”…

At any rate, more about memories… Now we’ve all heard lots and lots of speeches in our lives – some of which left quite an impression on us. For me, certain parts of JFK’s “We choose to go to the moon” speech and MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech are permanently etched into my mind. But, for me, the one speech that stands above and beyond all the rest is the “Pale Blue Dot” speech given by Carl Sagan – which I’ve referenced many times before on this blog.

Well, inspired by that wonderful ZEN PENCILS graphic I reblogged from my friend Rincewind yesterday, I found the beautifully done graphic below in the ZEN PENCILS The 10 most popular Zen Pencils comics of 2013 collection. With Earth Day coming up on Tuesday (April 22, 2014), I thought I’d take the opportunity to post it before I forget! O_o


Graphic via ZEN PENCILS – 100. CARL SAGAN: Pale blue dot

And don’t forget to satisfy your own need to acknowledge the preciousness of our little world. Go to EarthDay.Org to find some suggestions…

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “Points Of Memory…

  1. WONDERFUL, Izaak – Sagan was a hero of ours when he and my husband were alive. He will remain a hero, of course – how not ?! “Might as well mate with a petoonya !” – never will I forget watching him say that … [grin]


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