The Dragons Daughter

I’m a huge fan of melodysheep videos, but I must admit that I hadn’t seen this one until I saw it at the end of Poietes’ Friday leftovers . . . post…

I urge you to view the rest of Friday leftovers . . .. You will not regret it. As for me, I’ve really got to start watching Game of Thrones! 🙂

I want ice water.

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18 thoughts on “The Dragons Daughter

      • To be brutally honest, Izaak, it’s not my speed AT ALL. When I think of the money all that CGI and costuming must’ve cost, only to be made … ahh … different by the addition of music … well, I’m just not there.


        • I haven’t actually seen the show myself M-R, as I can barely afford the cable channels I’ve got. But I know it’s very popular, as the fact that melodysheep went to this trouble attests… 🙂


          • I would like to have cable. But only to watch European football and the cricket. One is obliged to buy such utter GARBAGE to get it, and it is so bloody expensive (as you indicate) that I shall never have it.


            • True. The vast majority of what comes with my cable package is just that – garbage. But, being the hermit I am, I’d go (even more) nuts without my favorite shows and the included internet connection… O_o


              • Hmmm … But then, if I did that and used the Internet conn., I’d lose my VoIP phone and mobile cost of $10 per month for $165-worth of business. I believe …
                Tell me: how sound is the connection ?


                • “if I did that and used the Internet conn., I’d lose my VoIP phone and mobile cost of $10 per month for $165-worth of business.” What? I don’t understand. You get a VoIP phone and a mobile phone for $10 per month? How can you have VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) without an internet connection?


                  • No. I’m being convoluted.
                    My ISP costs me AUD60 per month, for which I get Internet and VoIP ‘phone that gives me free calls to all landlines with Australia. Plus I pay them AUD10 per month for my mobile connection, which gives me AUD165-worth of calls/Internet connection.


                    • Okay, I understand now. I’m not sure of the exchange rate, but that doesn’t sound too far off some of the deals I’ve heard were available here in the states. I pay roughly $165 per month for a package that includes internet, VoIP phone, and cable with a couple of DVR boxes and a few extra channels. More than I should spend really, but the alternative would require me getting an actual life outside my apartment! O_o


                    • I’ve been looking and hoping, for years, for something that would provide real competition to the cable companies. The problem is, for me at least, that nothing I’ve seen gives me all the options I have now without requiring a significant investment on my part. A significant investment in something that could turn out to be a “flash in the pan!” O_o


                    • I think my ISP is doing pretty well by its members: I just need someone to come ’round here and explain it all to me.
                      And I agree that for all the financial commitment, you might find yourself with a white elephant.


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