Nature Can Be Weird!

I new I had to post these images as soon as I saw them. But the comments were so interesting that I decided to grab some of those too! 🙂

these are my kittens, yes they meow weird, but they are mine. i found them all on my own. they are my ohana. back the fuck off camera.


This is the best thing ever. It won the internet. Congrats.

After certain animals give birth, such as cats, there is a period of time where they may “adopt” other baby animals due to their hormone levels and motherly instincts. They look after these babies as if they were their own offspring. This would usually be other kittens that don’t have a mother. Ducks also have a natural instinct to “imprint” on the first thing they see when they hatch from their eggs. By chance, the timing of the ducklings hatching must have been soon after the cat giving birth and they were able to form an attachment, even though the ducklings are technically food. It’s fucking adorable!

Via LOL GIFS on Tumblr

I want ice water.

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