Awesome Commercials!

Advertisers have to just love televised sports events. After all, nothing defeats the dreaded ad-killing DVR like a live broadcast with a very hard to predict end time!

Anyway, I’ve been watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – a difficult enough task, considering it’s spread across four channels – and there’s this one ad for the Audi A3 featuring Ricky Gervais that really makes me smile…

I wonder what Freddy Mercury would think?

While I’m posting great ads from sporting events, here’s what I thought was the best ad from the Super Bowl – one for the Kia K900 featuring a “Matrix” theme with Lawrence Fishburne…

Who knew Morpheus could sing like that?!?! O_o

Oh, and for those for whom “March Madness” turns to “March Mayhem”…

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “Awesome Commercials!

  1. Any commercial incorporating Queen music has me from the git go. And I’ve loved the Fishburne ad since I first saw it. Did he wear those glasses in the movie? I’d never noticed the pince nez style before this ad. And ol’ Mayhem is one of my favorites but I don’t think this is one of his better ads.


    • They did do a good job with the Queen music, didn’t they? Fishburne did where glasses very similar to that in The Matrix, though I couldn’t say how close the match was. I actually added that “Mayhem” ad after I published this one, which took a bit of searching, just for laughs…


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