The Beauty Of Nature

Okay, I may be from the lesser half of our species, but I can still appreciate the beauty of the world around us! 😀

Images via OpticallyAroused on Tumblr and Marc Adamus Photography

Images via YeahLikeThat on Tumblr

From a link forwarded by my good friend Rosie!

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Nature

    • The baby is adorable PT. There was something on one of those science shows once where they tried, and failed, to get a bunch of individual “life simulator” programs to recreate the murmuring of starlings…


  1. Hi IzaakMak…. just popping over to see what you are upto? and Love the collection of clips and photo’s of elephants.. Love these wonderful animals.. and the baby is so cute.. I wouldn’t want to mess with her Mom.. LOL..
    Hope all is well with you.. and yes Nature is Beautiful… Have a beautiful week, Sue xox


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  3. I love those elephant photos, they’re gorgeous. Also, I’ve never seen anyone love widgets as much as you do. I think I spent more time reading your side bar than I did reading an average length blog post.


      • I think when people start complaining about getting RSI from scrolling, it’s time to stop. I think they’re fun, I would have loved to have seen what it looked like before you pared them down!


        • Oh there were just a few more widgets, like an animated shark that chased your cursor, and some for astronomy picture of the day and classic quotes. I actually hadn’t thought of the RSI implications. I removed them simply to reduce page loading time…


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