Trudging Across The Tundra…

(well, right about that time people
A fur-trapper (who was strictly from commercial)
Had the unmitigated audacity to jump up from behind my igloo (peekaboo) )
And he started into whippin on my favorite baby seal
With a lead-filled snowshoe)

I said, with a
With a lead filled snowshoe
He said, peekaboo
I said, with a
With a lead filled snowshoe
He said, peekaboo

He went right upside the head of my favorite baby seal
He went WHAP with a lead-filled snowshoe, and
He hit him on the nose and hit him on the fin, and
That got me just about as evil as an Eskimo boy can be. So I bent down
And I reached down, and I scooped down and I gathered up a generous
Mitten-ful of the deadly yellow snow…

Frank Zappa – Nanook Rubs It

Well my friends, I finally got to see a dentist yesterday, which only required a 5 hour round trip in the freezing cold, including the hour walking to and from bus stops, the time waiting for connections, the 4 bus rides themselves, and the hour I actually spent in the dental office at the health department…

The good news is that they agreed that the tooth I indicated needed pulling, along with a couple of others, and they’re going to set me up with an oral surgeon to have the work done at no cost to me. They’re also going to take care of some issues with teeth that don’t need to be pulled and, get this, they’re also gonna send me somewhere to be fitted for partial dentures – again, at no cost to me!

The bad news is that they didn’t think the pain and infection that brought me to them was related to any of the dental problems they saw. Instead, they think I’ve got a very bad, but unassociated, sinus infection that’s causing the sinus cavity on that side of my face to press upon the nerves of the tooth I keep complaining about. The gist of which is that it’s a medical problem, requiring a medical doctor’s treatment, even if it’s just to get a prescription for antibiotics!

WTF?!?! 😯

So I left there, to trudge back across the tundra in the freezing cold, with the words “What are you saying?” echoing in my head. Of course, by the time the cold and the dizziness really set in during the last mile walking home, that “What are you saying?” had morphed into a crazy, looping, musical mash-up of Frank Zappa’s “Nanook Rubs It” and this argument between Captains Sparrow and Barbossa from “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”…

All of which leaves me, oddly enough, needing to go to the VA Outpatient Clinic – the very place I didn’t go to because I’m not covered for dental there. The problem with that is that they have no emergency room and they don’t take walk-ins. Hell, the problem could just go away on its own in the weeks I spend waiting for an appointment at the VA. After all, it’s been going on for two weeks already. How long could it possibly last? On the other hand, I might’ve simply keeled over dead by then too! 🙄

Leaving me with but one alternative: Another “trudge” for an emergency room visit that I can’t afford to pay for… 😐

I'm SO Looking Forward To That

Well, the fur-trapper stood there, with his arms outstretched across the
Frozen white wasteland, trying to figure out what he was going to do about
His deflicted eyes. and it was at that precise moment that he remembered
An ancient Eskimo legend, wherein it is written (on whatever it is that
They write it on up there) that if anything bad ever happens to your eyes
As the result of some sort of conflict with anyone named Nanook,
The only way you can get it fixed up is to go

Trudging across the tundra
Mile after mile
Trudging across the tundra

Right down to the parish of St. Alphonzo

Frank Zappa – Nanook Rubs It

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “Trudging Across The Tundra…

  1. One of the first clues to my sinus problems years ago was a toothache, so I know exactly how that works. Weird, huh? But damn, it would have been nice if they could have prescribed the antibiotics for you while you were there.


    • If I’d have just gone straight to the emergency room last week, this would be over now PT. Of course, having them “fix” it with an antibiotic prescription might have prevented me from getting into the dental care program that I really need. But still, I was at the health dept. after all. Leaving there without a prescription seems kinda crazy! 🙄


  2. Okay, why in Hades Hot Third Circle of Hell didn’t they give you a prescription? They are medical doctors even if they call themselves Dentists.

    I am so sorry. I am happy they are going to start taking care of your teeth, but they can’t start doing that till you clear up any infections. So again why in the hell didn’t they write you a prescription?


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