Friday Reflections…

So much on my mind, and so little I can do about any of it. I feel as if I’m trapped inside a giant a cage, and being treated like someone’s prison bitch. And through it all, making it damned near impossible to even organize my thoughts, there’s the nagging, and oh so never-ending, pain…

If only that were true…

I think the time has come to let a few of the balls drop…

But I would really miss this connection…

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Reflections…

    • Things actually got worse last night my friend. After sleeping all day trying to forget the pain and my worries, I woke up last night with a toothache so bad it was lie someone had driven a nail into my face, Thankfully, that’s down to a dull roar now, and my back has eased up a bit too. But I definitely can’t stay hunched over this desk…


      • Aaargh for tooth aches, thats truly something that affects everything with your thinking. Back pains any days in that case. But wow, you truly went for the full set of pain. Why just have one thing to bother you right. Get well soon my friend.


  1. I feel your pain. Except mine is all about menopause, so I guess I feel a different pain, actually. One that whispers “becoming an old hag” in one ear, while winking and telling me “to hell with it – just be a cougar” in the other. Ah, life. Hang in there – you are way too cool to let the bastards get you down. 😉


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