Hump Day Reflections

Okay, those of you who saw my Melancholy Tuesday… post are probably aware that I’m not exactly “enjoying” life these days. It’s true. I’m not. But doing that post did have the “therapeutic” results I’d hoped for – which, of course, is why I started this blog in the first place. Unfortunately however, the “lift” I got from doing it lasted only until I made the mistake of tuning in, if only briefly, to one of those 24/7 news channels before going to bed last night.

I’m really in no mood to get into a topic that I’ve covered and covered and covered again on this blog, but I will say that what left me fuming and led to a night’s sleep that was anything but restful was a discussion of Pope Francis and his critique of what he has called “unfettered capitalism” and the “idolatry of money.”a lie that is so unbelievably monstrous and damaging that the closest the average person can ever come to grasping it is through equally outrageous and unbelievable works of fiction:

The fact is that ours is not now, nor has it ever been, a true capitalist system. That dream was killed off immediately after its birth by the glory seekers and power mongers, who advocate for a “limited capitalism” in the name of protecting us from our “inherently barbaric” nature – thus ensuring that our “inherently barbaric” nature would continue to dominate humanity just as it had through all the history that preceded it!

But, as I said, I’m in no mood to beat a dead horse again today. Instead, I’ll just post these beautiful, thought-provoking animated GIFs from the FUCKING RADICAL blog on Tumblr…

All images via FUCKING RADICAL on Tumblr

I invite those that are curious about the monstrous lie I referred to at the top to peruse the In Her Own Words volume of this blog. Or, for those unable to overcome the “anti Ayn Rand” conditioning they’ve been raised with their entire lives, perhaps Tom Mullen’s 2008 The Failure of Capitalism: Government’s Great Lie article will be more to your liking.

I will leave you with this: We’re supposedly a “free people” living in an “unfettered” society, right? So tell me, just how “unfettered” do you actually feel? 😕

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “Hump Day Reflections

            • You are so welcome Anastasia! I get a little “tongue-tied” sometimes in comments, so I keep a file of links I can embed when needed. Unfortunately, I can only use them on my own blog. Which is why I’ve been meaning to ask you about the one’s you use. Can you tell me how it’s done or point me to a list of codes? 😀


              • Dear Izaak,
                I use a Macbook Pro early 2011 the i5 processor. In system preferences, click keyboard, check show keyboard & character view in menu bar. It has an emoticon set in on the character viewer. I don’t use any codes or embed. Unfortunately I don’t know how to. When I post it’s from a copy paste from Pages except its not the font I originally used. What I would like to know how do I change the font on WordPress?
                Your Friend,
                Anastasia 😊


                • I think there’s a pop-up character set available in Windows as well, but I’ll have check to see what’s in it. As for changing fonts, you can change them within a given post but I haven’t played around with it much because I’m never sure if those reading my blog will see what I see on my end. There are also “custom fonts” that you can get through WordPress and, possibly, other sources. I’ve asked fellow blogger timethief to drop by here to chime in. She’s been so very helpful to me on all sorts of blogging issues! 😀


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