Going In Circles…

I’m an ever rollin’ wheel
Without a destination real
I’m an ever spinning top
Whirling around till I drop

Oh but what am I to do
My mind is in a whirlpool
Give me a little hope
One small thing to cling to

You got me going in circles…

Cool? Hypnotic? Disturbing? Take your pick, but I think they all apply to the images below. Discovered first on the Visual News blog, I couldn’t resist going to the source to grab a few more…

Adding startlingly rapid speed to desaturated still lives, rrrrrrrroll asks us if our daily routines are extraordinarily surreal or dangerously repetitive. In any case, the images make our eyes do a double-take again… and again… and again… and again…

Go for another spin on the project’s Tumblr and Facebook pages.

Candace Kita – Visual News

Reblogged from Uncanny Animated GIFs Go In Circles on Visual News and RRRRRRRROLL_gif on Tumblr

And you know I couldn’t see all of those without being reminded of one of my very favorite songs…

I want ice water.

More from the Visual Treats volume

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