3 Girls And Their Princess Machine

“Once again it’s that time of year when the red-suited storm troopers have come to hold our loved ones (and nation) hostage until we bankrupt ourselves fulfilling their ransom demands.”

As you can probably tell from that quote from my 2009 What – Me Worried? post, I am not a big fan of Christmas. Growing up as poor as I did, my childhood Christmas morning memories are filled more with frustrated envy than they are with joy. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t love toys. Hell, I spent much of my time as a kid attempting to make my own – and that deprivation-inspired “imagineering” is what eventually led me to choose to study engineering in college.

Now, as a rule, there are few things that annoy me more than Christmas ads on TV, particularly the ones that use children to convince other children that they just can’t have a “Merry Christmas” unless the crap they’re pushing is under the tree. However, having said that, I do occasionally see products that strike me as more than just useless junk kids will lose interest in almost immediately after receiving them – toys specifically designed in inspire a kid’s “imagineering” side.

Toys like GoldieBlox for instance:

Fewer than 3 in 10 graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are women. And barely 1 in 10 actual engineers are women. Early in a girl’s life, the toys marketed to her are usually things that don’t encourage her to enter those fields. GoldieBlox intends to change that by teaching them while they are young that these fields can be fun — and apparently epic, by the looks of this super-genius 2-minute video. Watch and learn…


I love what GoldieBlox is doing to innovate for girls’ toys. If you agree, and would like to share the story, see the behind-the-scenes magic, learn more about GoldieBlox, see a list of the best engineering schools, or even cast a vote to air their commercial in the Super Bowl, then you should definitely visit Upworthy.com at:

If 3 Little Girls Did This To My House, I’d Do Everything I Could To Get Them Full Rides To Stanford

I’m still pretty much a “Bah Humbug!” kind of guy when it comes to Christmas, but this GoldieBlox ad has actually given me hope for a brighter Christmas future. Now if we could just get the snowball rolling downhill… 😉

I want ice water.

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7 thoughts on “3 Girls And Their Princess Machine

  1. Well, I don’t have any girls to buy this for, but I sure see the beauty of this toy (even though it is not pink and pretty). I know when I went to the National Geographic store to buy a girl a present, I was informed that there was really nothing for girls. There were things which could work either way, but it was specific to girls.

    Peace & Love


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