MIT Shapeshifting Display

Some of you will recognize these images from my Hump Day Cineraria Animations post:



Via cineraria, inFORM – Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display…

Well, the Visual News blog has done a post revealing the awesome magic behind them!

Modern technology is slowly reducing us to poking at small screens with blazing fast graphics. The modern mobile phone, for example, is quickly becoming a black rectangle with the biggest screen possible for its size. But what about all that’s tactile in the world? The Tangible Media Group of MIT Media Lab is pushing back, literally, with their project inFORM. Being billed as a Dynamic Shape Display, it allows you to interact with the world on the other side of the screen in a very tangible way.

inFORM features a table with a surface much like your old Pinscreen, in this case one powered by actuators in the table below that allow for shapeshifting based on computer input. The system uses a Microsoft Kinect to track movements by the user, translating those actions into a 3D response from the inFORM table itself. Those interacting with the table can see their actions in real-time on a screen, and anyone at the table’s location can see the person controlling it on a screen just behind the ‘pinscreen’ – this gives the illusion that the person is right there. Really cool!

More at MIT Creates a Shapeshifting Display You Can Reach Through and Control on the Other Side on Visual News

I want ice water.

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