WTF Did That Guy Eat?

If you ever needed a reminder of why you should not eat food off of the floor, this “RidicuList” segment from last night’s Anderson Cooper 360 should be the absolute final word on that! 😯

Shocked Smiley

What The Fuck Is Wrong With You

Puking Smiley

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “WTF Did That Guy Eat?

  1. Hi dear IzaakMak, Hope your Halloween is a spooky one, and dont get eating too much slime…. seems this fellow had a little too much…..

    Joking apart, Hope all is well with you my friend, and just dropping in to say Hi,,,, from that Spooky Woman! 🙂
    Enjoy your Day
    Sue oxox


  2. Meh, I doubt it. A producer would wig out if any on-air talent went so far off-script on his/her own. As Cooper himself points out, it helped stretch the segment; probably not much was “Trending Now” that day, yet they’ve got to keep pace until the next commercial break (which are tightly scheduled). So instead of adding a news story, they throw in a gross jokey segment that will get people talking, and now that morning show (or the that local channel) is probably getting all kindsa traffic at its website, and more viewers in the days since.

    Whoops, I kinda went off there! Sorry! I worked in public broadcasting for many years, so I don’t have a lotta respect for the antics of commercial broadcasters.


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