An Atheist And A Priest Walk Into A TV Studio…

No, that title is not the lead-in to a joke, although I can certainly understand how those who know my views on religion might think so. No, that line is actually taken from the Twitter feed widget on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell website, which was made in reference to the segment from last night’s show where Penn Jillette and Father James Martin teach America – and Congress – how to respectfully disagree on issues far more volatile than what the top income tax bracket should be.

If you’ve been as frustrated with the state of American politics as I’ve been, this video might just make your day too! 😀

Now that’s what I call Civil Discourse! I enjoyed it so much that I decided to check out the page Penn Jillette mentioned. Check out what I found there… 😀

Images via Director’s Cut by Penn Jillette and Adam Rifkin on

I want ice water.

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3 thoughts on “An Atheist And A Priest Walk Into A TV Studio…

    • Wow, Really? I’m sorry to hear that!

      I’ll admit there’s a part of me that would’ve been more entertained watching an Atheist give a Christian a much needed dose of reality. However, as an adult living in a world chock full of idiots I have to find a way to get along with, I found this lesson in civil discourse to be much more useful… 😕


      • I agree with you on that last point, IzaakMak. It’s posited from the beginning as an example of how to disagree without being disrespectful — the whole point of the segment was a lesson in civil discourse, not a religious debate. Maybe they should make this a regular feature, where Father Martin and Gillette come on every week to debate different issues civilly! I’d watch.


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