Your Thursday Weird…

You know, I think I’m suffering from that “Seasonal Affective Disorder” thing… πŸ™„

Images reblogged from Natalie and Me Veta Lowkuh on Tumblr

God knows where they got them from! 😯

But then, it wouldn’t be scary if it made sense. Would it? πŸ˜‰

I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “Your Thursday Weird…

  1. Daylight! Daylight is measured as the color temperature in degrees Kelvin taken at noon on the summer equinox on the steps of the National Monument!

    The color rendition index (CRI) is listed on fluorescent tubes. It is on the box they come in. I work in a gloomy little room in a gloomy little tin hut. I like it bright! The CRI index has to be 90 or better in order to mimic daylight. For $1 you can buy a “shop-light” tube with a CRI of 65. Sixty five is the color of split pea soup. The daylight tubes are not cheap, but the fluorescent tubes last for a very long time. I am talking years. The fixture, a plain one to put in a shop costs about $12. You can even paint it a nice color and say that it is a designer piece from the Uptown Emporium. Right now I am using Sylvania design 50 tubes. Phillips also makes the tubes. Get them from someplace like “Home Depot” where they come in bulk if you need ten, but you can buy just one if you want. Remember, CRI 90 or better. I once bought a box of ten, four foot Design 50 tubes for $30. They will save hundreds of dollars in electricity over their 20,000 hour life. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you may well feel better.

    Another possibility that I haven’t looked into are the coiled, screw in fluorescents made by our work force in China. They look good and are labeled with color temp. in Kelvin, usually 5,000K or more. If you researched them you could find the CRI. You wouldn’t need fixtures.


  2. I get the SAD, it is one of the main reasons I came back to Texas. Longer summers. Longer days. More sunlight. I am sorry the light boxes don’t work for you. I used one when I lived in Seattle and in Virginia, it helped a bit. Large doses of Vitamin D helped a little also.


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