Late Morning Wood and Worldwide Woofs!

Okay, you can get your minds out of the gutter now folks, even though that’s precisely where that title meant for them to go. 😳 These are merely a couple more really cool reblogs from the awesome Visual News blog! 😉

Unless you think your home is a work of art, you probably weren’t thinking about sculpting the last time you hit the lumber yard. Artist Morgan Herrin is doing something like that, taking common 2×4 lumber and using it for the most uncommon of purposes: creating fantastically perfect surreal sculptures. His creations are just as bizarre as his material, and equally beautiful too. In one example the bust of a woman is enveloped by sea life; in two others, medieval knights are seemingly dissolving into cave-like stalactites.

Although these pieces aren’t classical marble, they are created the old-fashioned way: with hand tools and hundreds of hours of time. You can see more of these surprisingly exquisite pieces at ADA Gallery and Mulherin + Pollard.

Images via Fantastic Sculptures Made from Common 2 by 4 Lumber on Visual News

One of the first things we learn as babies are the sounds that animals make, but did you know that these sounds are different in every language? French dogs say “waouh,” Japanese horses say “hihiin,” and Albanian pigs say “hunk!” Illustrator James Chapman brings us this colorful collection of animals around the world making their sounds! Surprisingly, he has not made one for the fox yet, but by now the whole world should know what the fox says!

24 years old, Chapman is currently living in Manchester England, where he is working towards a PhD in physics, studying the wonder substance graphene. He enjoys drawing when he’s bored, which he claims is always. A man of many talents, Chapman also makes video compilations on YouTube, can play the Super Mario Bros theme on the ukelele, and has been a contestant on The Weakest Link. Check out more of his illustrations on Tumblr. You can purchase prints of some of these animal posters on Etsy.

Images via The Frog Goes Brekeke (in Hungarian): Visualizing Animal Sounds In Multiple Languages on Visual News

I want ice water.

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4 thoughts on “Late Morning Wood and Worldwide Woofs!

  1. Something in me leaps with joy at the sight of wood carving. Always has. Don’t know why. It just seems so elemental, so organic. This is absolutely delicious stuff! More so for being from mere 2x4s.


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