Your Hump Day Nightmare…

Despite all its beauty, the change of seasons is not without its drawbacks as well – particularly for us “aging” folks with arthritis. In addition to the usual pains in my neck, shoulders and back, I’ve been living for the last month or so with a pain that feels like some idiot doctor broke a needle off in my right hip and decided to simply leave it there. And that, of course, is why, even though I didn’t go to sleep until after 3am this morning, I was still up early enough to notice the season’s first light dusting of snow on the lawns and parked cars visible from my windows.

At any rate, I caught a little of the LIVE! with Kelly and Michael show while waiting for my morning coffee to brew. They were showing highlights from the career of their guest, John Lithgow, and he was joking with them about doing the voice for the White Rabbit in that new Once Upon a Time in Wonderland show without ever actually visiting the set or even meeting any of the other cast members. And that, of course, reminded me that I’ve been recording that show without actually watching it. Something I will attempt to correct later on today.

Anyway, seeing John Lithgow got me to thinking about the things he’s done that I really liked. Which is what reminded me that my favorite John Lithgow bit was the “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet” segment in Twilight Zone: The Movie, as the character played originally by William Shatner in the old TV series. And, since I’ve been wanting to post some “Hallo-weenie” type things anyway, I can think of no better way to get that started than with a clip from that segment:

I know just how he feels!

I want ice water.

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