A Career Of Evil?

Let’s say you’re a deeply twisted individual, hell bent on wreaking havoc anywhere and everywhere you can. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of those Hollywood style “alternate” realities, you can go about creating all that mayhem and look damned good while you’re doing it…

FuckYeahAvengersGIFs 01
FuckYeahAvengersGIFs 02
FuckYeahAvengersGIFs 03
FuckYeahAvengersGIFs 04
FuckYeahAvengersGIFs 05

Images via THE AVENGERS GIFS on Tumblr

Of course, the problem with living in a Hollywood style alternate universe is that the happiest ending a villain can really hope for is to barely survive the big battle, just to slink off in the final scene to somewhere you can plot a more successful (hopefully) return engagement…

Well, the sad and weird irony is that, if they knew just how easy it is to get away with evil here in the real world, those alternate universe super-villains would all be harmonizing a rendition of Part of your world like some kind of maniacal ultra-evil choir! Because, in our world, not only do the heroes rarely get their acts together well enough to actually thwart the bad guys…



All the twisted and diabolical people here need is some kind of wacky, half-baked plan…

Republicans = Assholes 01
Republicans = Assholes 02
Republicans = Assholes 03
Republicans = Assholes 04
Republicans = Assholes 05
Republicans = Assholes 06
Republicans = Assholes 07
Republicans = Assholes 08
Republicans = Assholes 09
Republicans = Assholes 10

And a cool “Super Lair” from which to launch their mad attacks upon an unsuspecting populace…

Fox News New News Deck 01
Fox News New News Deck 09
Fox News New News Deck 04
Fox News New News Deck 07
Fox News New News Deck 02
Fox News New News Deck 06
Fox News New News Deck 08
Fox News New News Deck 05
Fox News New News Deck 03

Images via ivyarchive on Tumblr

For more, here’s a “special report” from the experts on all things twisted, diabolical and/or evil…


I want ice water.

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